Frequently Asked Questions 

LT Web Designs knows you have questions, and while the best way to get all your questions answered is to schedule a no-obligation web design consultation, we've put together a few of the most frequently asked questions clients ask so you can get the answers to your most important concerns right away!

If you still have questions that aren't answered here, call or email us and a design consultant will get back with you soon! 

Needless to say, this is the most frequently asked question we get! Naturally, expense is at the top of the list of concerns for small business owners, as most are working with a limited budget when it comes to their advertising/marketing needs. Fortunately for them, LT Web Designs was created just for that reason! The short answer is "favorably inexpensive", when compared to what other website design companies charge for the same service.  We encourage you to interview at least three companies before making a decision, but make sure you're comparing "apples to apples". LT Web Designs basic quote usually includes three important elements -  (1) Labor cost, (2) Domain name cost, (3) Website hosting cost.  That is usually all you need to get started. We do not charge by the page (you get unlimited pages!), or by the hour. You will be given an initial quote, based on an existing web presence, and/or features desired, with everything broken down for you.  All our quotes are non-obligatory, and you're welcome to compare our costs with other companies! We know you'll see right away why you should choose us! :) 

No. Your new website can have unlimited pages, text, photos, videos, etc.  And while you want your website to be "content rich" to improve your search-engine rankings, too many photos and videos can slow down your site and make it frustrating for your visitors. We recommend a balance of text and visual effects, and will optimize your photos to decrease your visitor's download time.

Your new website will be search-engine optimized with rich keywords, titles and meta tags that are most commonly searched for, and most related to your specific product or service. Search engine optimization can often be a roulette of frustrating and confusing moves,  but the most important concept to remember is to keep your website updated and market it well for maximum search engine results. 

As far as "buying" your way onto the first page of Google, our services do not extend to search engine marketing. Please contact Google Advertising if you are interested in a paid advertising program. Alternatively, ask us how we've been able to help several of our clients achieve high search engine results WITHOUT using paid advertising!

Yes. All our websites are mobile responsive for viewing on most smart phones, iphones, and tablets.

Yes. You will have full access to your new website through a client portal. From there, you can send updates, upload photos and give your feedback on anything you wish to be changed or updated about your site. For trained users, you will also be able to make your own simple text and photo changes, though we recommend you sign up for our website maintenance program if you anticipate a lot of changes to your website each month. This ensures your updates are made when you need them, and allows you the freedom to tend to your business while we tend to your website! :)

Because LT Web Designs uses a feature rich CMS (content management system) design software, we are usually able to complete a fully-functional website within 3-6 weeks, depending on content and the time it takes for you to get your information to us. A benefit with this software is the client portal which enables you to send your content and feedback at your convenience. After the content is loaded to your new site, you will be notified through the portal so you can view it and send any additional feedback that is needed. This keeps the design process flowing quickly and smoothly! 

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to have links to all social media sites from your website, and vice-versa to enhance your total advertising and marketing efforts. External linking will also help increase your search engine ranking and help drive more traffic to your website. If you don't have a social media presence on Facebook or other social media platforms, LT Web Designs will be happy to set you up on most social media sites, and maintain that presence for you. Read more about our Social Media Marketing services here.

No.  Because we don't know what website design platform your existing site was built from, we cannot go in and manipulate it, nor do we want to try and unscramble badly written code.  We have found that most our clients prefer a "fresh start" with a new design theme, and fresh, updated content. However, we will help you transfer your domain name to the new site when it is completed and ready to go live. Your old site will remain active until your new site is finished and ready to be published.  This prevents any downtime with your old site, and makes the transition period go smoother. 

Yes - and your domain name host, if you prefer. We will work alongside with your current domain name host to help get your domain name directed to the new site when the time comes. However, we are NOT responsible for any down time to your site due to your domain name hosting preference. If you don't have a domain name, LT Web Designs uses Go Daddy to host all its domain names, and recommends them highly for their efficiency and customer service. We can handle all the ins and outs of domain name hosting for you, as well as maintain your existing domain name account with Go Daddy. Also, once you purchase a domain name (from Go Daddy or any other domain name company) you own it as long as you keep it registered.

As stated in your custom quote, you will pay a one-time set up and labor cost to design your site, domain name transfer (new or existing), and one year of website hosting in advance. These charges may vary and are itemized on your custom quote. 

Your domain name is renewable annually, and your website hosting fees are renewable either monthly or annually after the first year. You will be billed for these expenses at the proper time, and all invoices can be paid directly by check or by using your debit/credit card securely, through Pay Pal. 

(Note:  All fees paid in advance (domain name, website hosting, etc.) are non-refundable.  Your initial quote will contain more detailed information about fees, payment and associated costs. LT Web Designs is not responsible for any increase in third party fees, but will always diligently seek out the most affordable domain name and hosting fees for its clients.)

Yes. All LT Web Design websites are integrated with a basic Google Analytics program to provide clients with detailed information about website traffic and statistics, including PC and mobile phone visitors. Reports from this program can be emailed to you monthly by request. Additionally, if you have a linked Facebook account and are on our social media marketing program, we will provide Facebook "insights" of your Facebook traffic. 

As much as possible, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your finished website before it goes live. We take as much time as needed to make sure your site looks and functions as you intended it to. 

Although we haven't had any dissatisfied clients so far, in the event you are not satisfied with our services, you will not be required to pay the remaining 50% required on our labor, even though we have probably put in countless hours on designing your site. You will also not have access to any of the work we have done on your site to give to another company. Hosting fees paid in advance are NOT refundable under any circumstances.

Our ultimate goal is to design the best website for you, at the most affordable cost, and don't anticipate a lot of unhappy clients! :) 

Yes!  We are not just a website design company - we're a creative design services company too! Whether you need a brand NEW logo, or a fresh design on an outdated one, LT Web Designs can design the perfect logo, as well as matching business cards!

Absolutely!  We're glad you understand the KEY to the success of your website is to keep it constantly updated with fresh content and marketing! That's why LT Web Designs offers website and social media maintenance services to all its clients. We will be happy to maintain your website on an "as-needed" basis - charged by the hour, or set you up on a regular maintenance agreement, if more regular updating is needed.  Keeping your website update on a regular basis will insure better traffic results and more exposure for your website - AND your business! Get more information about our website and social media maintenance programs here.

Yes! Just make sure you specify what type of business you are when requesting a quote, and/or your current non-profit tax status. We will provide you with a custom quote that is generously discounted. We are happy to "pay it forward" as thanks for all the unselfish service your organization provides! 

 For your convenience, we accept cash, checks AND most major credit cards through our PayPal account. (You do NOT need a PayPal account yourself to use this service!) Annual website and domain hosting fees and monthly maintenance fees are billed monthly through PayPal and emailed directly to the client. 

Yes! We have designed websites for many clients in several towns and cities outside North Carolina!  No matter WHERE your small or local business is, we can design a smart, well designed website for your business, too! Through the convenient and efficient technology of phone, email, fax, and virtual "cloud" services, we are able to provide our website design and social media services to most any business in the United States. (We currently do not offer our services to clients outside the U.S.)  

Yes - and No. lol! I welcome the opportunity to meet with my new clients at least once or twice during the design period, preferably at THEIR place of business. By visiting my client's business in person, I can learn more about their business and get a "feel" for what it is they do. These are big factors in designing a website that fully expresses the nature of their business, and the type of market their website should strive to target. 

Since I work from my home office, I currently do not have a public office, as I feel I better serve my clients by meeting them at their own place of business. However, if that is not possible, I am more than happy to meet new clients at a local coffee shop, hotel lounge or restaurant to discuss their website needs. Either way, website consultations are by appointment only.