Social Media Marketing

Recent statistics show the average person spends around 144 minutes a day on social media, and the numbers are literally increasing every SECOND! That's ALOT of MARKET POTENTIAL for YOUR small or local business! Make sure you don't miss out on that strong market share by letting LT Web Designs set up and manage relevant social media pages to attract and engage your preferred target market.

 Check out all the benefits below that having an active social media presence can bring YOUR business!

  • High user engagement - Americans spend 12 hours per month on social media sites
  • Provides a wide platform for businesses to expand on "word of mouth" advertising
  • Increases traffic to your website from different social media sources
  • Helps you discover trends, needs and desires your customers are talking about in social circles
  • Keeps your customers interacting with in the virtual marketplace
  • Gives you a competitive advantage over like businesses that aren't utilizing social media marketing
  • Allows you to become an "authority" on your industry through blogs and other informative content
  • Repeat exposure without additional cost

Social Media Maintenance

Once you've got your social media pages up and running, you'll want to keep them updated weekly to attract new visitors and engage with existing ones! No extra time to post? No problem - LT Web Designs offers an affordable monthly social media maintenance program to help keep your social media pages running smoothly and efficiently every week!